Home Starter Packs

Home Starter Packs were created in 2017 to support families who are starting again after being affected by domestic violence.

These packs were launched because our team noticed families were cycling through the system ie they would receive backpacks and then we would see them again 6 months to a year later.

Photoshoot 00009
An example of the Starter Pack

After discussions with staff at local support and domestic violence agencies and some of the families we identified support being required at the 'launch' moment ie families receive a payment from Centrelink to pay for bond and rent, but that left little funds for the start up costs such as plates and cutlery, sheets and towels and basic kitchen items like a toaster or kettle.

These are the items supplied in the Home Starter Packs as one of our recipients stated 'if you feel like you failed as a parent, you go back and face whatever the aggressor has to give you as long as your kids have the basics'.