Without spending a cent you can donate to us!

Direct Collect

Turn your 10¢ refundable bottles, cans and containers into funds to support our kids!

We are excited to introduce to you a new way of recycling for good.

Direct Collect is a bin collection service providing homes and businesses with a dedicated bin for 10¢ refundable bottles, cans and containers with the choice to deposit or donate your refund.

As a Participating Partner, you can select Backpacks 4 SA Kids as your charity and 100% of your collection refund will be directly donated to us!

Your small change can make a big difference…

We encourage you to sign up your home or business to a Direct Collect Donation Plan and select Backpacks 4 SA Kids for donations. A dedicated bin will be delivered at no cost, all you need to do is book a collection when the bin is full.

Together we can all start recycling for good.