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Anchor Packs


Home Starter Packs

Number of children we have supported to date: 96,617

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Backpacks 4 SA Kids exists to provide resources that contribute to the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people during periods of dislocation from home and routine care.

Four unique programs; each providing packs filled with items unique to the recipient’s age and situation



For kids who leave home with little notice and often have no clothing or other essentials

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Home Starter Packs

Home Starter Packs

For families which have left a violent relationship at home and need to start again.

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Anchor Packs

Anchor Packs

Designed for young people aged 12-24 who are experiencing homelessness.

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Christmas Program

Christmas Program

Providing newborn to 18-year-olds with Christmas gifts when entering into emergency care.

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A message from our ambassador, David Campbell

As a grass roots charity you can’t go past Backpacks 4 SA Kids. They’re run by people who care, who are on the ground, who see things up close, using their knowledge to make a significant difference in children and young adult’s lives.

Making a Difference

Approximately 44,000 other children become homeless every year, often leaving in a hurry with their mums' due to family violence (Mission Australia 2017).

What all these children have in common is that they leave home with no or little notice and often have no clothing or other essential items beyond what they are standing up in. All these children need our help and support. We can’t help them all, but at Backpacks 4 SA Kids, we constantly strive to help as many as we can.

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  • Work in conjunction with child welfare, child protection, family violence and homelessness agencies.
  • Provide as many displaced children as possible with an age-appropriate backpack containing a range of items.
  • We also provide additional tailored programs under the Backpacks 4 SA Kids banner; Home Starter Packs and Anchor Packs
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BackpacksGet Involved

From fundraising money, to donation drives, to creating positive messages... There are many ways you can get involved and every donation – big or small - makes a difference.

Scout Groups
Offices/Social Groups

Whether you would like to donate goods, money, a full backpack, or your time to help us pack the backpacks, we’d love to hear from you.

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Piggy BankDonate

Provides a backpack that includes emergency clothing, toiletries and other necessary supplies (such as nappies, bottles and cuddle toys) for children aged 0-16 years who are taken into care.

Donate $135

Provides an Anchor Pack which supports teens between the ages of 12-25 who are living rough on our streets or couch surfing without the security of permanent housing.

Donate $180

Provides an entire Home Starter Pack which supports families starting again after being affected by domestic violence.

Donate $400

We accept donations of any amount,
all tax-deductible

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For direct deposit donations, please contact 0414 490 003