Christmas Program

Providing newborn to 18 year olds with Christmas gifts when entering into emergency care.

After Christmas in 2013, a foster carer spoke to our team about the Christmas Day she had. She already had 3 children in her care and had purchased gifts for all 3 children, but an early morning call resulted in the family adding a 4th to join the family festivities.

The foster mum ran around finding items she could use as a gift for the foster child so they wouldn't be left out on Christmas Day, other kids' gifts were shared equally with the newcomer and the family felt the pressure of stretching their Christmas magic that little further.

Imagine a child arriving at your door with their backpack and a gift hidden away for them to open in the morning and the joy that child will feel to enjoy the moment like so many others or the parent who is living in a domestic violence shelter who is too scared to leave to purchase something special for their child or feels bad for the kids not receiving a gift and returns to their violent home life.

A simple Christmas gift can bring so much joy and happiness, but also reduce stress and anxiety for those supporting our kids and families who are displaced at Christmas time.

Each gift is wrapped beautifully with ribbon and placed into a Santa Sack to create a special finish. There are x2 toys in each Christmas gift - one of a larger value of up to $30 and a lesser value item to ensure the child receives a few options for fun.

Our Christmas Program begins at the beginning of November, with RAA branches joining our drop-off locations; accepting unwrapped gifts for children who are displaced from home over the Christmas period.

If you are considering donating a Christmas gift, we are often short of gifts suitable for under 3-year-olds and teenagers. 

Suggested gifts for under 3 year olds:

  • puzzle boards
  • roll-along toys
  • blocks
  • Duplo
  • rattles
  • sensory toys
  • others labelled 0-3 years

Suggested gifts for teenagers:

  • gift cards (sports stores, movies, teen stores)
  • sports equipment
  • headphones
  • earbuds
  • haircare appliances
  • wallets
  • sunglasses

If you are unable to purchase gifts or would prefer to donate money, you are welcome to donate online via our website which will fund the purchase of gifts for children.

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