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Make a Donation

We often are required to purchase any items that we don't have in stock and are missing from a backpack before we hand them on to the relevant agency (and child). For example, we may not have enough hair brushes, toiletries, toys, clothing, or pyjamas in a particular size range to complete a backpack properly. Monetary donations allow us to ensure the backpack needed is filled to the top and handed on to a deserving child in need.


Any monetary donation – big or small – is greatly appreciated! These donations allow us to buy the extra items needed to fill a backpack. Working closely with agencies such as foster care agencies, domestic violence shelters or the youth homeless shelters, has helped us determine what our backpacks should really be filled with. We include not only the necessities, but also items which can help the emotional and mental wellbeing of a child.

For example, foster care and domestic violence shelter children receive an age appropriate DVD, giving them something familiar to relate to in their changing worlds. Youth homeless shelter children receive a portable radio, to fulfill the calming need of music during their troubled times. It’s not necessarily the more expensive items which make the biggest difference to a child who has nothing.